Pappardelle with Sausage in Creamy Tomato sauce

Pappardelle with Sausage in a Creamy Tomato Sauce

Once you buy fresh pasta you’ll never go back to dry boxed pasta. It really tastes so much better. The first time we brought some home was from a farmer’s market in Massachusetts. Since we moved to Brooklyn, its much easier to find good & fresh pasta. Russo’s has the best fresh pasta and mozzarella you can buy.

I saw Pappardelle in the farmer’s market and had never had it before, so decided to buy. Here’s what I did…

  • One Small Onion finely chopped
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 6 canned whole peeled tomatoes with the juice finely chopped
  • One box of fresh Pappardelle
  • 3/4 pounds of spicy sausage casing removed (I used Chorizo)
  • Half ‘n half
  • 10-15 fresh Basil leaves torn into thin strips
  • 1 Tbs Olive oil
  • 1 Tbs unsalted butter

Cook the pasta in salted water. I always add a bay leaf in the water.

Fry the onion and garlic in the olive oil & butter until the onion becomes translucent.

Finely dice the tomatoes

Add the tomatoes along with the juice to the onions.

While the tomatoes are simmering for 15 minutes, brown the sausages in a separate pan.

Add the sausages and half a cup of half ‘n half

Add the basil leaves & some freshly ground black pepper.

Add the Pappardelle.

Enjoy with some white wine :)

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4 Responses to Pappardelle with Sausage in Creamy Tomato sauce

  1. P says:

    I come home after a 6 hr drinking session, with almost no food in my tummy – to this image! Looks so incredible guys. So impressed with you updating your blog. Sarva and I love it xo

  2. Rohan says:

    I love the ingredients you made to make the sauce the tomatoes had lots of flavor in it too.

  3. Arya says:


  4. Rohan says:

    What a appetite

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